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PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS LIMITED is an established and recognized investigation company with 20 years of experience in the field of investigations and security. We have a cadre of skilled, knowledgeable and internationally trained professionals who are ready and willing to assist you. 

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Private Investigations Limited
is committed to providing a very high standard of work to our clients; to respect and ensure their privacy and confidentiality; to always demonstrate a great level of reliability, integrity, and honesty; and to be completely dedicated to obtaining results.


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We are the most reliable and professional company for private investigations in Trinidad & Tobago. All cases are highly classified and confidential. We devote urgent attention to each case. We have a hands-on approach in dealing with cases, as each case is unique.

Missing Persons

We help you to locate persons who go missing

Infidelity Investigations

This is a very confidential service because of emotions

Undercover operations

One of the most specialized skills used in investigations

Location OF Assets

We bring all hidden assets to light for legal matters

Cyber Investigation

This includes complex, necessary, technical services

Civil Suits

We work with attorneys to handle aspects of lawsuits

Missing Persons

We locate persons who go missing for you

Location OF Assets

We bring all hidden assets to light for legal matters

Undercover operations

One of the most specialized skills used in investigations

Infidelity Investigations

This is a very confidential service because of emotions

Cyber Investigation

This includes complex, necessary, technical services

Civil Suits

We work with attorneys to handle aspects of lawsuits

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At Private Investigations Limited, we have a high standard of recruitment and strict policy guidelines. We perform thorough background checks and screening on employees. And ensure confidentiality and the delivery of proper professional work to our clients.

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We offer a wide range of general and specialized services.


We are available 24-hours and we are always ready and waiting to assist you.


Those who want that extra piece of mind


Ensuring personal safety in trying times


Situations can arise in large agencies


We can assist different business types


Plant personnel can be suspects


Discreet investigations for lawsuits


National entities & private firms


Maintaining a firms' reputation


We work anywhere in the world


Personal service

Undercover Operations

Executing undercover operations, is one of the most complex, highly specialized skills used in the field of private investigations.

Undercover operations can very unpredictable and the investigator needs to be always creative and alert at all times. It requires good judgment, great foresight and the ability to assess a situation, and the making of quick and accurate on-the-spot decisions. This aspect of investigation requires the investigator to conceal his true identity and create a new one, relevant to the job at hand. It requires careful preparation and proper planning, as no one who comes into contact with the investigator, must know his true purpose.

The investigator must have adequate detailed knowledge of the assignment and must be able to look the part, sound, act and speak convincingly. The undercover operative must also be able to remain calm, especially in times of adversity. Private Investigations Limited has a cadre of highly trained operatives both male and female who are used in undercover operations.

Undercover agents are used in many different situations. These operatives could be used to assist in apprehending people committing criminal offenses, extortion, bullying, gang related activities, adultery, large scale stealing or illegal activity taking place in residences, commercial businesses, professional organizations, factories, industrial plants and warehouses, schools, Universities and any other place or institution.

Undercover operations, when done successfully, provide the client with much detailed information and very surprising revelations. The client may be able to save a considerable amount of money, better security systems could be put in place and it could avert disaster.

Theft & Burglary

Sometimes people may want a criminal offense investigated, but may not want the police involved because they may suspect a family member or friend. This is done very discreetly according to the client’s wishes.


Photo and Video Evidence Provided

The Sure Way of Knowing

Surveillance can be termed as the systematic or constant observation of a subject, object, person, place or thing to obtain information for a specific purpose. Our agents are very careful to conduct pre surveillance site visits, intelligence gathering and assessments.

Proper planning and execution, results in successful operations. Proper surveillance logs are kept with detailed information. Our agents undergo continuous specialized training keeping abreast of the latest surveillance techniques and equipment. Covert video surveillance is the best way of obtaining accurate detailed proof of events.

Surveillance could be used in:

Our organization has a team of highly trained personnel, second to none and we possess a wide range of surveillance equipment with the latest technology, which is used to produce the best quality evidence. Surveillance may be used for both business and personal reasons.

Surveillance is available to homeowners, business owners and corporate clients especially when workers are suspected of stealing from the company. Many times, company’s vehicles or premises are used by workers for illegal or inappropriate activities.

Parents may be curious to know where their children are and who they are with; spouses may be curious to know where their other half are, who they spend their day with and if they are where they claim to be. Surveillance usually brings an end to uncertainty and brings more clarity to situations so they could be seen in the correct perspective.

Process Serving

This is the personal delivery by hand of any legal documents (pre-protocol letters, summons, counterclaim forms etc.) buy an agent representing a member of the legal profession. Very often people continuously evade being served because they are expecting it. They may become very evasive and they may even have friends and family members making excuses for them. This may be causing distress and financial pain to others. These cases are treated with urgency.

Location of Assets

There are various reasons why persons hide their assets

They believe it’s their money and they only are entitled to it. They may have gotten it under certain circumstances and they believe that they deserve it. They believe that once the money is not located by their spouse, family members or business associate they would be financially secure or they would be able to fulfill their ambitions. It is very interesting, amusing, and surprising to find out where people hide their money and how they do it.

Judgments and Executions

The assets of an individual may be necessary to be obtained in order to determine if it is wise to seek judgment against the individual through the court. It may be necessary in order for judgment to be executed on an individual also. Often times people try to evade judgments by transferring their assets to family, friends, business associates or other acquaintances.

Property Settlement through Divorce Cases

On many occasions the suspicions of a spouse having money, property and other assets hidden are true. Some of them have carefully done it. They normally have it at a foreign location believing it to be safe there. Through the network of international private investigators that our agents collaborate locating these assets are sometimes possible.

In cases of Wills and Estate

This information is sometimes needed in situations where there are legal disputes in court. Depending on the circumstances the information may be vital.


Where there is a great potential of new business associations and partnerships clients do this to verify the existence of certain assets by their clients so as not to be put in an awkward position.

Personal Reasons: Marriage

On occasions before a commitment is made for marriage one party may see it necessary because of information provided by the other party to verify it; or for their own satisfaction they would be interested in knowing about the assets of the other party. Depending on who they are they could see this as a way of safeguarding and protecting themselves.

Child Support

On many occasions in order to evade paying alimony, child support or any other divorce related expenses or even to receive a better payment from their spouses, the other spouse may hide their assets.

Our company may be able to supply information on:

Missing Persons

Locating Missing Persons (Skip Tracing)

Some persons may be missing, because they have relocated without informing their creditors. Many times this is done unintentionally, with no ill intent.
Some people may be missing because they have relocated to avoid paying debts to family members, financial institutions, alimony, or other legal commitments. They normally relocate far away.

Some cases are mentioned below:

These cases may be complex at times. Based on the information provided by the client our investigators will always try their best to put the pieces together carefully and skillfully with the aim of achieving the desired results for our client. We must emphasize though that the information brought to us must be accurate. Over the years we have been able to establish and maintain a proper network of individuals in various institutions who are always willing to assist us.

Legal Department

Clients have at their disposal, full access to our legal department, where they can get proper legal advice on matters pertaining to them. This department consists of a team of very experienced attorneys who are very familiar with many aspects of the law. Sometimes because of the sensitive nature of our jobs and in the interest of seeking our client’s welfare, valuable and necessary legal advice is obtained from our attorneys.

Insurance Investigations

Annually, insurance companies are frequently faced with issues of false insurance claims and they lose millions of dollars. We investigate fraudulent claims pertaining to all types of accidents or otherwise. Insurance companies are updated on information on investigations from the verification of statements, witness interviews, and other pertinent information.


This is a very confidential service

Cheating Spouses (Husbands, Wives, Significant Other)

This situation is extremely painful and it has a damaging effect on your day to day activities. It brings about chaos and confusion. The only way to end sleepless nights, headaches, loss of appetite and anxiety attacks is to find out the truth. Many times, you have your suspicions but allowing this to continue could lead to confusion, doubt, bad judgment and you become scared.

You need to confront the situation carefully without being detected. Be assured that information and evidence could be obtained very discreetly without compromising your identity or the identity of the person involved. Our agents are very experienced in listening to the facts presented, assessing the situation and advising and making recommendations for the necessary course of action, bearing in mind the delicate nature of the situation.

The Signs

Many times you are in denial; you don’t believe that it could happen to you. There is a sixth sense that keep telling you that something is wrong, but you have asked the person and you are now convinced that you are wrong. STOP, you may be right call us now, you will know the truth.

We conduct surveillance undetected; we provide valuable information; we collect proper data; we provide proper videos photographs and many more. We provide precise and proper valuable information which may be needed for legal purposes.

Industrial Investigations

Industrial Investigations: Plants, Factories, Companies etc

Undercover investigators are used in large plants, factories, industrial companies and other commercial entities where office workers, managers, supervisors or plant personnel are suspected of stealing, damaging , sabotage, defacing or abusing the company’s property; concerning theft and misuse of vehicles, machinery, stock, equipment and other merchandise, by employees.

These offenses may have very serious consequences for the company and may cause severe financial losses. There may be more sensitive and complex situations which we would always be willing to take on. These investigations could be simple, or very complex and sensitive. Whatever the situation is, we provide the necessary expertise, a dedicated team of individuals who are able and ready and to face challenges.

GPS Tracking/Bug Sweeps


We install GPS tracking systems for vehicles and for personal use. GPS trackers that can be given to children and used for their own personal safety. This allows parents and loved ones to know the whereabouts of their families and friends, thus bringing a sense of safety and security. We can detect hidden bugs, cameras listening devices and spyware on cellphones that may be placed covertly, without the consent of the other party. We carry the latest technology.

Executive Protection

We offer executive protection/bodyguard services for business executives, managers, corporate personnel, entertainers, celebrities, and other persons. Our services are available for all occasions: meetings, functions, outings, travel, social gatherings – formal and informal, travel and much more.

Our team comprises experienced and highly trained bodyguards who have been trained extensively abroad and have worked throughout the world in similar security positions. We offer free advice and consultations to all clients working together with each client according to their specific need and their particular circumstances. We also supply and provide all vehicles needed. We are always ready and willing to listen carefully and assist in any way we can, very discreet and confidential.

Debt Collection & Recovery

We offer professional advice on these matters and we treat these cases with top priority.

These matters may be very sensitive and complicated especially if time has passed and there are large sums of money involved or if there is not proper documentation to support the claim. Even in instances where there is documentation for outstanding monies some people just don’t like to pay, so there need to be a professional approach to the case based on the facts before us.

We are fully aware and understand the embarrassing situations that individuals, companies and institutions are put in when this happens. Many businesses collapse as a result of outstanding monies being owed to them. We have at our disposal certified bailiffs and lawyers who advise us on these matters.

Civil Damage Suits

Civil Damage Suits/Plaintiff Investigations

At Private Investigations Limited, our agents work in conjunction with attorneys to handle various aspects pertaining to lawsuits. Sometimes information may be needed and certain pretext may be used in order to obtain the information. We specialize in furnishing attorneys with information on accident cases or otherwise where they prepare lawsuits against insurance companies or persons to recover losses or damages. Once the situation is explained to us, it is dealt with accordingly.

CCTV/Camera Installation

Cameras play an integral role in situations of safety and security. We have a wide diversified range of CCTV Camera Systems for home and business surveillance. Cameras are available in all shapes and sizes with the latest technology in HD and IP. Trained technicians are available for site visits, which are free of charge to make the necessary assessments and recommendations. We have various brands and models of HD cameras: bullet and dome, PTZ cameras, DVR’s, etc together with all the necessary supplies needed for installation are available. We are just a phone call away, be sure to visit our social media pages and contact us for further information on any of our services.

Cyber Investigations

We offer Cyber Investigations and many more complex, necessary, technical and confidential services

Surveillance Detection & Counter-surveillance:

Private Investigations Limited can help you detect hidden cameras and listening devices in your home and office. Electronic eavesdropping devices can be used to compromise your safety and competitive edge in business. In today’s world bug sweeping and surveillance device detection is critical to ensuring privacy and confidentiality.
If you suspect that you are being spied upon, let Private Investigations Limited set your mind at peace.

Background Investigations

Take no chances everyone should be checked out!

Even people in authority are fooled. It is very important and necessary to perform background investigations on new and as well as existing personnel in some cases. Whether a small or large businesses, companies, corporate firms, professional organizations, industrial plants, factories, large corporations, and even micro enterprises. Private Investigations Limited (PIL) performs the most comprehensive investigations in Trinidad & Tobago for Background Checks.

Background checks are beneficial to employers for the following reasons:

Background checks are also done on companies and institutions for vaarious reasons. For example, one party may be considering partnering or making a very substantial financial investment into the business of another individual and may want to run checks to ensure good credibility in order to move forward with the investment. Background checks on persons may also be beneficial to private individuals who are interested in friendship and dating and who have met someone special. Or who may be doing business with someone for the first time. Parents or other relatives also may need to know the background of the man or woman who may want to marry their son or daughter.

It is imperative that background checks be done by individuals or companies as this could prevent severe financial loss or emotional distress. Private Investigations Limited is very thorough in conducting investigations in Trinidad and Tobago.

We have at our disposal a wide range of professional competent investigators who furnish reports and verification on: